sub terra

Through my work I often use the camera to expose sites that are overlooked, invisible, ignored, or unseen. As creatures we have spent an extremely high amount of resources and energy on developing infrastructure that supports our society and as time passes these sublime interventions fade from our  collective memory and yet we are paradoxically more and more reliant on them. This body of work seeks out these creations that balance and deliver resources in order to maintain societal operation and stability.


The project began with an exploration of a steam power plant that has been in operation for over 100 years. The facility has shifted and grown but now supplies utilities, hot water, heating, cooling, power and data to over 200 structures. This is made possible through a labyrinth of more than 10 miles of underground utility tunnels. I was able to gain access to this surreal sub terrestrial world of concrete and steel, steam and heat, darkness and light. These are a few images and film stills from both the plant proper and the expansive labyrinth. The conditions and temperature inside the tunnels ranges wildly from very well lit and mildly warm to dark, wet and 120˚F year round.  So far I have been able to navigate several miles of the tunnels in my Steadicam accompanied by composer Daniel Peterson (who has been capturing ambisonic recordings of the plant) and our wonderful guide/power plant team member.