Silent Forest: Return is the progression of a non-narrative reflection exploring the strained relationship that humanity has to place. The project continues to examine delicate wetland environments in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain and the industrial and commercial enterprises surrounding it. It is an observation of an ecosystem oscillating between natural and designed, presence and absence, reality and fiction.

Through the cinematic apparatus, I try to observe memory on a geomorphological scale; looking at what it means to be human within these larger systems. The original field expeditions for Silent Forest took place in 2015, with several visits into the region’s cypress swamps, wetlands, lowlands, rivers and forests. Recently, over three years later, I began returning to the same locations in the wetlands. Still finding the landscape to be astonishing, and yet there is a palpable presence of change in this shifting place. Some of this is a reflection of smaller cycles of ebb and flow and other differences will remain permanent, which are only now evident through my images and memory.