Silent Forest


There are two sonic events that are the precursor to an ecosystem being totally devastated. Ignored alarms reverberating in the forest and on the water.  

First: environmental factors, pollution, fire, radioactivity, disaster kills off or force out the inhabitants, both micro and macro. Within a short time the forest falls silent; no sounds of birds, mammals, or insects. Standing surrounded by the natural world, but the biophony (natural sound) has changed, or even worse has completely disappeared.


(Alone in reverent, painful silence the forest dies)


Second: there is a threshold between spaces, natural and civilized, a space that is under sonic assault. Standing surrounded by the natural world and yet anthrophony (sound generated by mankind) reverberates ever closer.


(A score to the continuous march of design and comfort)


Silent Forest is the first film from the ec(h)o series a non-narrative experimental documentary project that explores this phenomenon, seeking out these endangered thresholds. The film explores the edge spaces that surround the wetland landscape.


Currently we are filming in these spaces gathering information, images, and soundscapes. 



alarms reverberating in our minds 

together we stand amidst the pain of the

silent forest