Tensions between humanity and the natural world,

carried in a composition of preceding and succeeding frames.


From the Earth is an experimental film series that uses a nontraditional method of scoring to examine the physical energy we (humanity) put into controlling the earth. The score, which brings From the Earth to life, is composed of generated sounds and field recordings of anthrophony (sounds generated by mankind), a record of harnessing the earth and bending nature to our will—drilling, blasting, mining, fracking, sawmills, channelizing, dredging, etc.; sounds directly related to our relationship with the earth physically (the actual soil) and metaphysically (the natural world). The sounds are recorded, layered, and manipulated to create the compositional structure of the work, which is then carried visually in silt and soil samples. The silt/soil samples are gathered from specific locations currently in flux. Each sample is then tagged (with the location’s coordinates) and has a composition written to create a single movement.


 “Everything in the world has a spirit, and this spirit becomes audible by its being set into vibration.” - Oskar Fischinger