ec(h)o is a series of experimental films, installations, and cinematic meditations that document and explore our often tumultuous and strained relationship with the landscape. The project seeks out endangered thresholds, serving as an examination of a physical juxtaposition through the lens of cinema and composition. As an artist and filmmaker, I am fascinated by humanity’s geomorphological agency within the landscape. Our appetite for resources, design and comfort has made us arguably the largest force that sculpts the Earth. The project tries to recontextualize ecological issues and environments into a space for contemplation— a space where the viewer can spend time and examine the anthropogenic traces of humanity via the cinematic apparatus and immersion. 

This series often takes me to remote locations and requires longterm engagements within landscapes. I am privileged to have stood in some of the most surreal spaces exploring our relationship to the Earth and what it truly means to be human, not as an ecologist or scientist but an artist. To see firsthand how we fit into the natural world, and in doing so I try to give the viewer a small glimpse into the changes our ambition can create. 

Having grown up in rural Arkansas I was always very connected to the environment and the landscape. I have also witnessed how lightly these changes to the planet, many permanent and irreversible, weigh on the human conscience. ec(h)o is a very personal project in many ways embodying my own struggles with human ambition and protecting the planet. This project serves as a reflection of the acts we all witness, and yet never truly see.